Amicadent Dental clinic was born from long family tradition that dates back to 1974, when Dr. Tamara Marelić, the mother of our director Dr. Srđan Marelić, decided to open one of the first private dentistry studios in the city of Rijeka.

Driven by a great passion for dental medicine and the desire to provide the best possible assistance to his patients, Dr. Srđan Marelić opened a modern dental clinic that utilises the work of a team of excellent specialists, along with advanced technologically equipment and solutions.

Amicadent Dental Clinic was born from the synergy of two worlds: first a dental medicine that is responsive to use the most modern and innovative technologies, and which, on the other hand, favors a relationship based on human warmth, and attention to the well-being of each individual patient.

The mission of Amicadent Dental Clinic is to take care of the health of each patient, creating a pleasant family atmosphere that makes them feel at home!

Thanks to our excellent customer service, highly skilled doctors and great prices, Amicadent has been extremely popular with both Italian and British clients.

Where is Amicadent Dental clinic?

The Amicadent Dental Clinic is located in Rijeka, in the heart of Kvarner.

Rijeka and Kvarner are known to have very rich historical and cultural heritage, a superb tourist offering, friendly and hospitable people. A charming union of sea and mountains, in a quiet and ecologically preserved environment, this area boasts of a fantastic culinary offering, abound in seafood restaurants and makes this region a valuable land that never ceases to amaze.

And while the results and the services provided by the clinic are of the highest level, prices are often less than half price than the rest of Europe.

By developing our services according to the highest dental standards, we are proud to say that Amicadent Dental Clinic today occupies one of the leading positions in dental tourism in the country.


    • “After the end result, my family and I will definitely stay with ‘Amicadent.“Ana Margetic

    • “From the beginning of the therapy to the end I always felt calm; I had all the necessary information and attention. The result is perfect!“Massimiliano Sterpin

    • “In the clinic I felt perfectly at ease. I would recommend anyone who is nervous about going for dental treatments to come to Amicadent. “Angela Zajc