Kalmar Implant Dentistry

The third generation of dentists from the Kalmar family in its dental centre in Rijeka, Croatia (and Dramalj), today brings together a top team of experts with years of experience in various areas of dentistry. Professional and experienced personnel will provide you with treatments according to the highest standards in the field to the top-quality individual therapy.

Centres located in Croatia (Rijeka and Crikvenica) and are multidisciplinary health institutions in which you can get done all necessary surgeries in the field of dental medicine that increases the service quality and shortens the treatment period.

In dental centres Kalmar Implant Dentistry, we offer implantology, surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology, child dentistry, digital diagnostics services, all in one place. We also have our own dental laboratory which allows patients to receive the resuts within a day.

We use the highest quality and most recent apparatus and products of globally-renowned and certified producers, and the latest technology allows our doctors more precise and safe therapy planning, while our patients receive safer and higher quality service. Medical staff is up to date with certified European and global experts in the field of dental medicine.


    • “When I moved from America to Rijeka, the first thing I needed to do is to find my own doctor, my butcher and fisherman, my favorite cafe and at least my dentist ... They told me that Sandor Kalmar is the best, and with my luck I realized that Dr. Kalmar, my friend Sandor is from Subotica, a city that meant so much to me... I discovered that people from Sandro's family are exceellent dentists, and now my entire family and I go to Crikvenica or on Kantrida to cure our teeth and sometimes to even beautify them. That is exactly what family and members of a large KALMAR IMPLANT DENTISTRY family do the best possible way... And to add something else (connected with only my case)... When I come to my friend Sandor, instead of anesthesia, I usually receive the best kasijavaca, which he produces himself.“Rade Šerbedžija - an actor

    • “I am very satisfied with all employees in the dental center kalmar implant dentistry. the staff is kind, professional and educated. the clinic is modern, nice and clean.“M.G. Kiev ( Ukraine)

    • “I am very proud that in Kraljevica, the place where I live in, we have Dr. Kalmar Šandor which I had a chance to meet and become his patient, which I intend to stay. According to the number of Italian patients, you can see exactly how successful he is at what he does. For years, he has been following the evolutionary process in his field. European orientated. I claim personally that doctor Šandor is conscientious and competent, and I warmly recommend him.“Ćiro Blažević - soccer expert

    • “You helped me get over my old fears, because of which I have to give out a special thanks to all the doctors and other personnel. The relationship between the quality and price, as well as the general impression, which is excellent and beyond all of my expectations...“Michele, Torino