Dental Centar Dubravica

The DENTAL CENTAR DUBRAVICA s a private specialized dental centre with highly motivated and experienced staff. In DCD, we work on continuing education both inland and abroad and we continue to invest in the latest technology and high qualty materials.

We offer all stomatologic services at one place, from the simplest ones to oral surgical and implantologic ones. Thanks to our reliable expert team we're taking care of your welfare, health and aesthetics. No waiting! Today's fast lifestyle demands quick and high quality service. Therefore, we accept all emergency cases right away. Reasonable prices and top stomatologic services are considered to be a realistic combination at our centre. A long guarantee (10 years) for our services obliges us to offer best value with highest standard of stomatology diagnostics and therapy as well as a wide range of payment options.

Painlessness based on anaesthetics represents the basement of all stomatologic operations, so fear is a foreign word at our centre, even children like to visit us because of the pleasant ambience. All rooms are air conditioned, and we are always in good mood.

So do not hesitate! Get your free examination and consultation, reliability, quick service, healthy and beautiful teeth!


    • “I heard about Dental Centre Dubravica from a brother. The clinic has warm and welcoming staff, amaziing doctors and good prices. Results are great!“Rosina Salamone, Torino, Italy

    • “I would like to say a big thanks to DCD team for high quality work, professionalism and patience. I wish you all success!“Jozo Stanojević, Switzerland

    • “I have been afraid of dentists for many years but doctors and staff from Dental Centre Dubravica helped me face my fears and to resolve all of my dental problems. Today, I have a beautiful and healthy smile. Thank you!“Marcello Ballarin, Torino, Italy

    • “I have never really taken proper care of my teeth and they were in a very bad state. In Dental Centre Dubravica they have done an amazing work on my teeth. I am very happy with the results. This centre offers modern technology and very competent, kind and friendly staff.“Pier Mario Turino, Torino, Italy