Cad Cam zirconium crowns offer!


About Cad Cam zirconium crowns offer

We work exclusively with the zirconium metal free crowns and at this moment we offer 21%. These are bridges and aesthetic crowns without metal, and we own one of the few laboratoriesthat uses this Cad Cam technology.

Cad cam computer technology solutions are highly accurate with excellent aesthetic results.


- Translucent enough to give a natural look

- Less sacrifice of healthy tooth

- High precision with a use of computer cad cam system

- Strength: Where porcelain crowns are prone to chipping, zirconia crowns are almost indestructible. In fact, these crowns can be up to five times stronger as compared to their porcelain/metal counterparts

- Biocompatible: Zirconia is completely compatible to human body. Since it is inert, and the body does not reject zirconia, you need not worry about facing allergies or unfavorable reactions

- No risks from the metal edge showing on the crown caused by gum recession


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