Adriatic Dent

The Dental Polyclinic Adriatic Dent is located in the beautiful town of Rovinj, winner of the best tourist destination award on the Adriatic for the year 2014.

The Polyclinic Adriatic dent has 15 employees, among which we wish to highlight the specialists in maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, dentistry and prosthetics. All our specialists have over 15 years of work experience. The clinic is also authorized to carry out educational courses for dentists. In particular, we want to highlight the good cooperation with the Italian patients, who have recognized our quality and competitive prices, giving us confidence for over 25 years.

And we are very grateful for this!

The Polyclinic Adriatic Dent is equipped with the latest technology because we want to offer our patients the comfort and the ability to perform all the necessary treatments in the same place - with us.

We have CAD-CAM technology, radiological analysis, prosthetic laboratory and a laboratory for the full pre and post operative treatment of patients.

The proof of our orientation to the satisfaction of our patient and the quality of our services is certainly the ISO 9001 Certificate which we are very proud of.

Among all the regular dental services and treatments, the Adriatic dent offers even a revolutionary method of the bone augmentation, which is based on the re-use of autologous stem cells extracted from adipose tissue and the iliac crest.

Staff members of the clinic have published a series of articles on this topic, presenting it as speakers at the XIII World Congress of Dental Medicine in Davos.

As a confirmation of the success came the invitation to attend the conference held in Dubai in 2013, where we presented the method of augmentation and bone regeneration with autologous stem cells. In addition to its modernity, this method presents an excellent alternative for those who cannot choose dental implants but still want to avoid the prosthesis. This way, in fact, they improve their quality of life and self-esteem. All this, thanks to the specialists and expert team members at the Adriatic Dent.

- Certificate ISO 9001

- Accommodations facilities

- Free transportation from Trieste, Rijeka and Pula

- 25 years of experience with foreign patients

- We are among the few in Europe to increase, improve and regenerate the dental bone using autologous stem cells

- Materials of the highest quality - produced in Germany and Switzerland

- Warranty on implants

- Modern technology - CAD CAM, digital and 3D orthopanoramic, prosthetic laboratory, laboratory for the complete pre and post operative treatment

- Free online treatment plan

- Free first visit and all future checkups

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