Dentistry and esthetic studio Dental Implant+ Jindra-Strika

Dental medicine team of Dental Implant + Jindra-Strika studio welcomes you!

Dental medicine team of Dental Implant+ is one of Croatia’s best dental practice, where dentistry is not all we have to offer. We are providing a large number of Laser treatments, dental implantology and are recognized by the patients for distinctive service and pain free procedures.

Our center is equipped with high technology dental instruments that ensure quality treatments, based on continuous growth in knowledge and skills of the entire staff.

High standards for health, dental/face esthetic and pain free treatments are the base of our service striving for constant improvement to make the patient feel better and satisfied with the outcome.

All of our team members follow the trends in the field of our work: dental hygiene, dental care, dental implants, dental surgery, teeth whitening methods, dental esthetics, dental prosthetics, orthodontics etc. with emphasis on implantology and esthetics with regards to complete face.

That said it is inevitable to offer facial treatments with dermal fillers and botox. The knowledge accumulated over the years in the daily practice, enables us to help you become a younger looking YOU with a unique smile!

Affordability and professionalism of our dental medicine team and services reflects on thousands of satisfied patients and constant interest coming from ones who need such treatments that not only contribute to your health, but satisfaction in general.

The pleasant atmosphere you will experience in our dental esthetics studio, the professional approach and always a friendly and welcoming staff will help you to get advice regarding the treatment of your interest. We take and respect each patient with one mission – to help you meet your needs end resolve dental or esthetic issue, which is what makes us happy to be there for you!

Every one of you deserves maximum care, because you – matter.

Dental esthetics studio we work in is completely equipped to meet your needs with latest professional instruments and technology that enables us to perform every treatment with absolute preciseness and best outcome.

The staff of Dental Implant+ Jindra-Strika enjoys the daily challenges to get your biggest and brightest smile!

Of course, the best way to meet us is to come over and let us help you in making your needs met.


We take care of you completely, and offer you amazing dental tourism opportunity.

Our concept is unique in sense that, with our partners, we take over the incoming and outgoing plan of our patients as well. This enables you to just decide to come!

Simplicity of planning dental procedures

Possible transport planning

Accommodation offers at special rates (for treatment more then 1.500,00 euro free).

For our patients who are coming for treatments in Dental Implant + Jindra Strika, we are happy to offer the benefit of special and affordable prices for apartment or hotel accommodation that will be tailored to your request. All of the locations are near our dental studio and close to the city center, restaurants, shops and tourist sites.


For patients coming from outside of Croatia we are able to provide free* transport service from the airport to our dental center. Feel free to ask any question regarding the transportation means when coming to Rijeka. Experience dental tourism!

*for treatment more then 1.500,00 euro

CONTACT us and make your trip a memorable one, this is amazing dental tourism offer!

Thank you!


    • “Just returned from the second and last session of the periodontal treatment. Everything's great , as planned and agreed . Professionalism and availability. No trouble / problem and, above all , the first surgery done . Next meeting in about a month , for control. Thank you!“Nicola

    • “Seriousness and professionalism make this study in my opinion one of the best in Croatia ... really recommend it to all.“Massimo Tireli

    • “The doctors are lovely people but the most important thing is that they are highly competent and qualified . In my particular case , three months ago I went and they had to remove eight teeth with different root canal treatment , they put the draft and now I have to go back in May for the final work . I also took the opportunity to a relax in this city which is fantastic . Thank you, the doctors : you are fantastic.“Roberta


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