Dental Medicine & Esthetic Surgery IMED

Imed is the leading private clinic for dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgery in the Adriatic region. The founders of the Imed Clinic are doctors Krmpotić, Ph.D. Aleksandar Milenovic and Ph.D. Sandra Anić-Milošević.

Services offered by the Imed Clinic incorporate dental, maxillofacial, reconstructive and plastic surgery, as well as a dental laboratory. Professional results are guaranteed for all patients who are cared for by specialized doctors and staff with years of experience who finished their education with high degrees in Croatia and internationally. Imed’s experts also regularly participate in professional conferences around the world as audience members but also as guest presenters. The medical team at the Imed Clinic is continuously in training and has a high understanding of modern technology which enables them to provide superior services regularly for their patients. Each patient at the Imed Clinic is treated with the full attention of all doctors ranging from any one for the six specialized branches under the Imed roof, all of which are responsible for quality and quick reliable services.

The team at the Imed Clinic consists of 11 doctors (four of which have PhD degrees, and three of which have MSC degrees)- three general dentists, two oral surgeons, two orthodontists, one prosthodontist, one periodontist, one maxillofacial surgeon, one anesthesiologist, eight dental technicians and nine nurses and assistants.

The standard for quality dental practise at Imed is one of a multidisciplinary team approach in treatment, by where each specialist solves the problem for which he or she is the most qualified for as well as providing the patient with the best quality therapy.

At the Imed Clinic doctors take care of their patient’s teeth, face, body and above all – health. It is important for patients to feel comfortable in their environment and that is part of the Imed philosophy. The whole staff believes that their patients deserve the best services possible, and that is why all treatments are based on a teach approach without any partial, unreliable solutions. Professional conducts is always followed and long-term customer satisfaction is the main target, along with durability of services.

Being located in the highly touristic, culturally rich capital city of Zagreb which is close to the Adriatic sea and has a beautiful coast, Imed clients are given the possibility of combining their life changing, high quality surgery with a holiday and premium services. After a relaxed vacation they can return home relaxed, rested, healthy and fully renewed. Imed helps their clients leave Zagreb happy and satisfied.

Services and specializations:

- Plastic and Esthetic surgery

- Dental implantology

- Periodontology

- Cosmetic dentistry

- Oral surgery

- Orthodontics

- Dental prosthodontics

- General dentistry

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