Dental Studio Resetar Brezak

The Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak is a dental clinic distinguished by its quality, tradition and care for the patient The Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak has been operating as a private practice for dental medicine for over twenty years, and since 1991 has been continuously evolving and expanding the scope of its activities, modernizing technology and investing in the education of its professional staff.

The Studio, located in the very center of Zagreb at Boškovićeva Street, features a modern interior and state-of-the-art equipment, and our doctors of dental medicine apply the latest therapeutic methods, materials and technologies when working with patients, thus combining contemporary trends with a long tradition. The Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak is dedicated to making your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful, because helping our patients is also our life and professional mission.

Our doctors are highly-qualified professionals with years of experience in dentistry who receive continuous training in Croatia and abroad, thus investing in their education and know-how as well as in knowledge of new technologies and materials, methods of treatment and medical breakthroughs with the aim of solving the most demanding cases. The patient’s first visit to the Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak includes a thorough examination, analysis of photographs and study models, after which our team of professionals establishes a diagnosis and a treatment plan that are presented to the patient.

Today, photo diagnostics is an indispensable part of dental medicine and is used in such a way that the patient has a clinical photograph before, during and after the treatment. In this way we can assess the quality of our procedures, and give the patient an insight into the entire treatment and its final result.

We offer our patients the highest level of professionalism by taking into account their wishes and providing maximum functionality and esthetic quality of our work in the shortest possible time. We can adjust to the patient’s schedule and we receive patients by appointment. All the necessary procedures, from the first examination to the final treatment, are carried out in one place, and special attention is devoted to our patients’ safety during the entire treatment. To ensure the preservation of our patients’ health, we have established high standards of sterilization, disinfection and hygiene. The range of our services is broad and includes services of esthetic dentistry such as teeth whitening and veneers fitting, dental prosthetics i.e. crowns and bridges made from the most modern materials such as a full ceramic, or dental implants fitting carried out by our oral surgery specialist We guarantee the best services in the field of dental medicine, top-quality materials and service at the European level, full commitment to you and your problem, and finally – a flawless smile!

Choosing the right dentist is up to you, it is our job to convince you that you made the right decision.


    • “Thanks to the experts from the Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak, for the first time in my life I was able to completely trust a dentist without any worry or fear, knowing that not only my dental health but also the esthetics of my smile were in good hands. Thank you for your concern and knowledge.“A.B.(35),, Netherlands

    • “Fast service, friendly staff and beautiful teeth . A journey that was really worth taking!“M.C.(54), Italy

    • “The Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak is a modern dental oasis in the heart of Zagreb where the doctors are smiling and professional, and we patients are relaxed and happy.“R.T.(65), lawyer, Croatia

    • “Jesus told the repentant: take your bed and go, and here I was told: take your new teeth and eat what you want.“M.K.(85), retired doctor, Croatia

    • “The best doctors and the most beautiful teeth that I could ever dream of having.“Z.G.(68), Slovenia

    • “When you come to the Dental Studio Rešetar Brezak you are impressed with the interior, technology and the wonderful doctors that give this dental office its soul. Excellent!“M.S.(29), ticketing Manager, Croatia


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