There are many dental clinics out there, but believe us - Dentum is a special one. Allow us to show you why choosing Dentum for your dental treatment abroad will be the best choice for you.

1. We achieve excellence through quality

Quality is the key to excellent results that will last a lifetime. That’s why we exclusively work with high-end global dental brands. When you’re choosing your implants, please make sure that you particularly go for premium brands like the ones we offer. Only those brands guarantee high-end quality and endurance.


Due to our close collaboration with these premium brands, we earned the status of an officially recommended dental clinic by Nobel Biocare and Strauman.This guarantees you that our doctors are trained in implementing their highest standards and advanced technologies here at Dentum.

2. Our quality standards are officially certified

ISO 9001 is the most widely adopted international standard for the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems.

The quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard is used worldwide, and certification of that system is a generally accepted way of proving to current or potential clients that the product or service will meet their quality requirements.

Dentum holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by the accreditation company ICR Adriatica.


The European Commission has recommended that the quality management system for health services be implemented in all health care facilities.

Therefore, we have opted to control our operations according to the ISO standards for two main reasons:

• To ensure that we always provide our patients with the maximum quality service according to the highest professional standards, and

• To control our work processes in order to observe any shortcomings in our work on time.

Our objective is to ensure the services we offer have lasting quality and reliability and to ensure patient satisfaction. Also, with the implementation of the ISO standard, we have enabled patients to provide feedback about our work more easily, which enables us to continuously improve our products and services.

Advantages of implementing the ISO standard for our patients

The implementation of the quality management system in our office has resulted in multiple benefits for patients:

• Continuous improvement of our services and placing the focus on you, the patients. This is strengthening trust.

• Greater treatment safety, through monitoring the dental devices, sterilisation, and the disposal of infectious materials.

• Patients are better informed through a variety of communications channels.

• Patient satisfaction surveys.

3. We offer high-end services and treat every patient like a VIP

At Dentum, every patient receives a fully customized treatment plan. This is confirmed by a patient satisfaction rate of 98% of happy patients from all over Europe.


Our VIP treatment also includes many benefits for you, like:

• Free luxury accommodation during your stay

• Free pick up service from and to the airport, bus or train station

• Free first visit that includes a panoramic x-ray, dental examinations, consultations with our doctors and the creation of your tailor-made treatment plan

• All treatments in one place

• Minimal invasive surgeries

• Devoted patient care before, during and after your treatment

4. Our dentists are internationally well-respected with years of experience

We make every effort to keep up with the highest standards in dentistry. Our team of dentists and oral surgeons constantly attend educations and workshops, so they’re always informed about the latest dentistry trends.


Two of our dentists even hold the official title of “opinion leaders” for prestige dental brands: Dr. Andrej Božić is an opinion leader for Nobel Biocare and Dr. Petar Bago for Neodent.

5. Zagreb is the perfect destination for dental holidays

Apart from the high quality service we provide to our patients at Dentum, Zagreb offers everything you need for a great dental vacation - cultural heritage, a vibrant street live, festivals, restaurants, parks... It’s no wonder that it’s the latest trendy destination amongst travelers of all ages.


Compared to other smaller destinations in Croatia, especially the ones on the seaside, one of the greatest advantages in choosing Zagreb as your destination for your dental vacations is that you can find all facilities you might need on your stay in a very small radius, what often isn’t the case in smaller destinations. No matter if you’re looking for shopping centers, food shops, restaurants or the chemist’s, everything is just a few minutes away.

Also, due to it’s central position within the European Union, it’s very easy to reach. E.g. from London it takes only a two hours flight! Furthermore, another great plus is that it takes only a two hours ride from Zagreb to get to the coastline, so you could spice up your stay in Croatia even with a trip to the seaside.

Curious for real life patient experiences?

Now that we’ve shown you what makes us and our clinic the best choice for your dental treatment abroad, watch what our patients have to say about their stay at Dentum!


    • “From my experience and also from other people I met you will be delighted with the treatment , service, prices and the results - and by the way be prepared to meet some amazing people and have some fun .... it’s not all anaesthetic and ice packs!“Michelle M., UK

    • “On my 3rd and final visit accompanying my husband whilst he had implants fitted, I decided to have my troublesome counter-lever bridge looked at by the Dentum Team. I now have a perfect bridge and can actually eat on that side of my mouth now.“Patricia and Alex W., UK

    • “The cost is less than that of a UK dentist even after the cost of getting here has been factored in. On top of that the accommodation is approx 10 mins from the centre of Zagreb so you can explore this beautiful city whilst you are here.“Kevin M., UK

    • “I had a very good experience with dentum from the first day I arrived they arranged to have me picked up at the airport and taken straight to the clinic where their was a first class apartment( en suit ) i might add, waiting for me, the treatment was great the staff were excellent, and I left Croatia a very happy chappy. Thank you Dentum.“Noel S., UK

    • “If you need any major or extensive work done on your teeth and can't find the quality, service and the costs to match don't despair ...This clinic in Zagreb delivers on all and everything you would need . They are extremely efficient have top dentists and staff, provide you with wonderful accommodation and pick/drop you at the airport and most importantly with a friendly smile! Highly recommended!“Michael M, UK


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