Dental implants are a long-term aesthetic and functional solution for the loss of one or multiple teeth.

A permanent solution for missing teeth

Dental implants are artificial root replacements which support dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges or dentures. They’re made of titanium, what guarantees that it won’t be rejected by the human body.

Almost anyone missing one or multiple teeth can receive dental implants. During your first free consultation, we will estimate your overall oral cavity health and your medical status. After checking everything, we will create an individual treatment for you, according to your specific situation.

At Dentum we use proven implant systems with a long-standing tradition, such as Straumann (SWITZERLAND), Nobel Biocare (SWEDEN), Astra Tech (SWEDEN) and Neodent (SWITZERLAND)


Why is it important to know the brands of implants?

Because of shortcomings and risks involving the use of 'no name' implant systems and non-original parts:

• Lack of long-term clinical studies

• Combination of copies with original parts

• The parts do not fully sit in place, the micropores created through incomplete binding may become a possible site of entry for bacteria, which could result in bone or gum infections

• Original parts combined with copies result in the loss of the warrantee and complete waiver of responsibility by the manufacturer of the original parts

• Greater risk of cracking for non-original parts

• Limited possibilities

• Limited selection of implants and prosthetic parts

• Uncertain long-term presence on the market, which results in the inability to perform repairs later

• Statistical indicators of the number of inexpensive implant systems that have appeared on and disappeared from the market in the past five years presents a risk for patients


Briefly put...Inexpensive implant systems = long-term uncertainty

That is why in our clinic we only use the leading implant systems and eliminate long-term uncertainty!


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    • “On my 3rd and final visit accompanying my husband whilst he had implants fitted, I decided to have my troublesome counter-lever bridge looked at by the Dentum Team. I now have a perfect bridge and can actually eat on that side of my mouth now.“Patricia and Alex W., UK